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  1. Dagar says:
    Apr 28,  · demonize (third-person singular simple present demonizes, present participle demonizing, simple past and past participle demonized) To turn into a demon. To describe or represent as evil or diabolic. Synonyms (represent as evil or diabolic): vilify; Derived terms. demonization; Translations.
  2. Malalrajas says:
    de·mon·ize (dē′mə-nīz′) tr.v. de·mon·ized, de·mon·iz·ing, de·mon·iz·es 1. To turn into or as if into a demon. 2. To possess by or as if by a demon. 3. To represent as evil or diabolic: wartime propaganda that demonizes the enemy. de′mon·i·za′tion (-mə-nĭ-zā′shən) n. demonize (ˈdiːməˌnaɪz) or .
  3. Milkree says:
    If people demonize someone, they convince themselves that that person is evil. Each side began to demonize the other.
  4. Bajin says:
    His choices free or fetter, elevate or debase, deify or demonize his humanity. The tendency to sentimentalize nature has, in our time, largely taken the place of the old tendency to demonize and .
  5. Faezil says:
    What this word means is: 'to be demonized; to be under the power or influence of a demon in certain areas; to have a demon.' The word 'possessed," however (in the KJV, for example), is a misleading translation for this Greek word. To English speaking people the term 'possessed' implies total ownership of something. This concept, as pertaining.
  6. Fenrikree says:
    Jun 29,  · ‘demonized’ McEnany repeated the White House’s excuse on Sunday that the president was unaware that one of his supporters chanted the racist catchphrase in the video. Justin BaragonaAuthor: Justin Baragona.
  7. Muhn says:
    Demonization or Demonisation is the reinterpretation of polytheistic deities as evil, lying demons by other religions, generally by the monotheistic and henotheistic ones. The term has since been expanded to refer to any characterization of individuals, groups, or political bodies as evil.
  8. Zolokasa says:
    verb (used with object), de·mon·ized, de·mon·iz·ing. to turn into a demon or make demonlike. to subject to the influence of demons.
  9. Aracage says:
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